The Kanun is a set of laws used mostly in northern Albania and Kosovo.This set of laws was a customary one, the rules evolved over time as a way to bring laws and rule to these lands. The code was divided into several sections: Church, Family, Marriage, House, Livestock and Property, Work, Transfer of Property, Spoken Word, Honor, Damages, Law Regarding Crimes, Judicial Law, and Exemptions and Exceptions.Some of the most infamous rules specified how murder was supposed to be handled, and it often led to blood feuds that lasted until all the men of the two involved families were killed. In some parts of the country, the Kanun resembles the Italian vendetta. These rules have recently resurfaced in northern Albania, since people have no faith in the powerless local government and police. If a family is under Kanun code means that all men, including relatives, can't go out until feud is close, all kids never go school and they grow up in a strange and heavy situation because the father or old brothers can be kill, but they don't know when.