Tradition, popular culture and enjoyment vocation are the sparks that have triggered the phenomenon of Ballroom dancing (Ballo Liscio).   Just like a parallel universe which can be discovered by entering slowly, where behind every little detail you uncover meticulous care, the pursuit for perfection. Passion, dedication and emulation are the keys of this paradise that are handed down from generation to generation for the few truly passionate fans.   Being a popular culture that was born in the private courtyards as an opportunity for recreational relief and gatherings it has now become a great spectacle of piazza, a media circus and an economical phenomenon.   Associated industries that have grown include orchestras, record companies, promotional agencies and super-dance halls reminiscent of times past.   Here, in this world you meet all kinds of people from musicians, who are constantly travelling between regional/village festivals and celebrations to dancers who train with athletic dedication in order to perform in popular national competitions, “kids” of the senior age who do not abandon the playful Romagnolo Spirit.

One can literally breathe “Liscio” in every corner of Romagna, every village on the Riviera and in the inland has its own dance hall for the winter and the central piazza for the summer each exhibiting a maze of orchestras and dance schools.   The piazza celebrations are gatherings for fans of this genre and folkloristic point of interest for tourists. Polke, Mazurche e Walzer trigger the enthusiasts and vacationers, who find themselves immersed in this Romagna passion, into vigorous dances.   To talk of “Liscio” is to immediately think of the carefree enjoyment of past generations, the dance floor courtship, and a unique expression of collective aggregation.

Characteristic emphasis and popular sayings which produces ripping laughter frame this carefree world, which however has seen in recent decades, a transformation dictated by trading rules with the creation of ad hoc professionals.   Managers and agents that contend for the best dance halls and squares for the artists of their teams, millions worth of copyrights on timeless classics, families with surnames tied to this world that are local institutions, and with their consent can lead to a summer hit, or launch a new musical formation.