We are pleased to announce that a new Consultancy and Portfolio Review season is available. Prepare Yourself for impartial Feedback. As all manner of photographers can attest, creative work is often produced in a bubble, with the artist deeply immersed in the processes this entails. While there are obvious benefits to such intensive work and introspective focus, this can also result in a lack of objectivity for how the work fits into or is seen by the wider world. In the face of such challenges, a portfolio review offers photographers a distinct opportunity to gain insights into their work and get valuable feedback. But to make the most out of these meetings, some advance preparation is key.Photographers at entry level and the mid-career level can register for one-on-one photography consultancy and portfolio review via Skype; each review session lasts for 60 minutes. It’s a great way to network. Numerous photographers have walked away with opportunities to exhibit, publish and sell their work after attending the Portfolio Reviews. Now you can book your session!
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