On the 5th of June, Erik Messori will speak about Photojournalism at the Event “L’arte della Fotografia” organized by the “Mamimò Teatro Piccolo Orologio” Theater Company.With Erik, the other guest speakers Khadija Lamami and Claudio Melioli of BINARIO49 and Matilde Barbieri, project manager of FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA Reggio Emilia, will tell about the different shapes of  Photography as art, story, witness and photojournalism. Erik has been working as Photo reporter from over 20 years, catching with his lens some of the most important events that have influenced the world in the last decades, strongly believeng in the information freedom and telling some of the most shocking, and extraordinary facets of the human being .You can follow the event live at 6.30 pm CEST on the facebook official page Mamimò Teatro Piccolo Orologio