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 Mentoring program

The online photographic mentoring program has been designed as service for anyone who wants photography advice, guidance and feedback on their work on an basis. Complete and personalized program aimed to follow your progress over time. Created for you, with you to develop an entire training course specific to your needs, this approach will allow us to get to know you and follow your improvements over time. You will receive all the personal mentoring you desire.


One hour ONE TO ONE Video sessions, each month to discuss your projects, ambitions and how to achieve them is where the big changes happen.


Find photo projects
Build relationships and trust
Workflow on the ground
Solving the puzzle – editing a project
Present your work

12 LESSONS: Erik Messori shares his career journey – from her very first photographs to his latest projects – revealing the lessons learned along the way

1 (+) HOUR: In-depth lessons totaling more than 2 (+) hours of content, covering a range of topics, from how to find and develop una story to exhibiting your work.

24/7 ACCESS: No deadline or time limit. Enjoy the contents comfortably, we organize your sessions according to your time, available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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