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With Erik Messori to get a different vision on your work. It is possible to one hour in private Video sessions, to discuss your portfolio, with a different view


It is one thing to take a great image. It is another thing entirely to get that image in front of viewers where it can tell a story and make an impact. In portfolio reviews, I provide constructive critique for both your photography and your storyline. Togheter, we work on strategies to improve not only your image but your presentations as well. Effective pitches can make the difference in communicating your story successfully and getting your photography seen by the world.

How does it work? How you use the hour is up to you and based on your requirements. There will be communication in advance so that they are well prepared, and we will set the date together. You will be sent a Zoom link and directions on how to subscribe. You can then share your screen to show your work; the photographer will also be able to share his screen if he has comments on your edit and sequence.

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