In collaboration with N-Shot Academy, we present Erik Messori’s Workshop. A workshop to deepen street photography from the inside, starting from the point of view of a professional photojournalist: Erik Messori. The Workshop will focus on the aspects that contribute to designing the daily reality of those who work on a reportage, from preparation to post-production: how to prepare and equip yourself to face the fieldwork in the best possible way; how to frame the story to be told more effectively; how to process and package it. A photographic field trip is planned to begin putting the learned concepts into practice. The workshop motivates, hones photographic skills, develops visual literacy and personal vision, and teaches essential business lessons. Knowing how to take a good photograph means being able to communicate with a universal language. 

A photograph manages to tell the events in an immediate and understandable way to everyone. That is why images are considered the most direct form of journalism and some photographs have become symbolic and are spread and remembered around the world. The Internet and social networks have amplified and strengthened the importance of photos, but to be able to distinguish your shots from the huge amount of amateur images it is essential to have excellent technical and journalistic knowledge. The advanced level Workshop will be aimed at deepening photographic knowledge and starting to build a personal vision and a style of Storytelling in accordance with one’s own mode of expression. Together we will go to the discovery of contemporary photojournalism and we will learn to face the new scenarios of this profession, with competence, determination and professional ethics.The goal is to provide the tools to a new generation of photographers in the sector, capable of establishing themselves in the world of information and of telling reality through their own eyes. The work will be aimed at individual shooting and shared editing of a story assigned by the teacher.