The weekly magazine Der Spiegel has published the ViaMari10 project, the smallest inner-city rooftop vineyard in the world. A reportage that lasted a year to tell the story and the passion behind a unique wine.

“The smallest urban vineyard in the world, hidden in the historic center of Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Italian food valley. The ViaMari10 vineyard is a 20 square terrace, capable of representing the Italian spirit in the world, becoming an exclusive product. Coming from Emilia Romagna, a land of flavors, the wine is a mirror of tradition and genuineness. Known as the Italian Food Valley, the region is the cradle of 44 products that are unique in the world in terms of quality and authenticity. Symbol of Italian excellence, this food and wine heritage is recognized by the European Union, which confirms that Emilia Romagna has one of the richest culinary offerings in the world. On a four-storey roof above the street, with an area of ​​only 20 square meters, is the smallest vineyard in the world. It is located in ViaMari10, in the historic center of Reggio Emilia where the Masoni family has been growing 40 kg of Sangiovese grapes every year since 2010, producing about 30 bottles of red wine per season. The ViaMari10 represents the work and involvement of many but the privilege of a few, offering a simple and popular wine that is immediately exclusive. It overturns logic and challenges expectations by reaping the fruits of a vineyard in the center of a city: from the harvest on the terrace, to the pressing of grapes within the four walls of a cloister, to aging in the cellar and bottling in the living room.”